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Hi, I’m Miloš Aleksić. I’ve been working in and around the business of marketing and advertising since 2008.

I’ve lived and worked in the UK and Ukraine. I’m currently based in Belgrade, Serbia, where I lead the marketing team at KupujemProdajem, one of the top 100 classifieds players in the world and the largest online community in the country.

Previously, I’ve worked in advertising, production, ad tech and media agencies, with client-side jobs and freelance projects sprinkled in-between.

This website is a humble effort to add to the local business communications landscape and advertising practice in particular. It is my intent for to become a resource for would-be practitioners of the craft, as well as an outlet for my ramblings.

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I love to talk shop, so please feel free to reach out even outside of a formal engagement.

A bit more about me

Miloš began his career at Sonique in London, as a marketing intern and later part-timer during MBA studies. Back in Serbia, he joined Basic Advertising, as a junior account/planner hybrid for some of the largest brands in the region (Galenika AD, Železnice Srbije).

Seeking new perspectives, Miloš went over client-side, trying on various marketing and business roles in companies based in Ukraine, Russia and Serbia. During this time, Miloš also founded, a blog/resource website for strategists and a marketing consultancy. As a freelancer, he began working on marketing projects with SMBs worldwide.

His growing interest in ad tech, and a desire get back into marketing industry proper, saw him join Sizmek as an account handler for GroupM’s EMEA agencies.

As a Digital Account Manager / Strategist at Direct Media, the biggest media agency in Serbia, Miloš worked on integrated communications planning and digital strategy for bluechip Serbian and foreign brands (Bambi, Imlek, Knjaz Miloš, Ford, Doncafe). The agency’s digital output was awarded regionally at the time (Effie Serbia, IAB Serbia MIXX)

Miloš then joined L’Oréal Adria-Balkan, where he was tasked with assembling the regional in-house social media creative team. He’s been a lecturer at Digital Communications Institute‘s CDMP courses since 2019.

Today, Miloš is a Marketing Strategist at KupujemProdajem, one of the most dominant web platforms in SEE. He leads a fantastic team working closely with the rest of the organization and taking care of all four of the proverbial P’s!

As for the name of this website, the portmanteau „odvratajzing“ (in Serbian, odvratno + advertajzing = disgusting advertising) was coined by Lazar Džamić, an accomplished writer and creative strategist, in a series of newspaper articles on the state of Serbian advertising in the 90’s. These are once again available in book format (in Serbian).

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